Mé Line Philosophy


Green Tea was first used by the Koreans and Chinese over two thousand years ago for restorative and medicinal purposes. While studying western medicine at Jefferson, Harvard, and George Washington Schools of Medicine I dealt with extensive treatments of disease, and only briefly with older herbal remedies to treat ailments. During a recent visit to Korea my appreciation for eastern medicine was re-established.

I was attracted to dermatology because it was one of the fields most receptive to alternative medicine. The mé line (mé is the Korean word for beauty) was developed to take advantage of the effects of green tea on the collagen and elasticity of the skin. I formulated a product that maximizes the ancient healing and rejuvenating effects of Asian green tea, coupled with western techniques of liposomal technology and transepidermal absorption. Because of this coupling you are getting the maximum delivery of green tea into your skin, to work as an antioxidant and rejuvenator. Thank you for visiting my website and learning a little more about mé.